Luxury Watches

@ 1/10th the Cost

"Not all luxury watches are created equal." 
Some are worth $14,000, $50,000, and even $100,000 or more.  

At least, that's what they're telling you. 

You can actually buy luxury watches at around $1,500 to $2,500. These watches have the components, features, design, build, and intricate workings luxury watches have.

Unfortunately, you won't see them sold in stores. A secret group of ultra-luxurious watch brands have decided against it. They decided to monopolize the luxury watch industry and charge us extremely high prices... 

...all for the sake of huge profit margins. 

And for the past few decades, they've succeeded. 

They hired the elite watchmakers. They knew the demand was great so they limited the supply to increase the price.

They controlled how many watches were created, how they're marketed, and how they're bought. 

You won't even see luxury watches sold in TVs. They're sold in private to so only the elite can buy and own them.

That’s why most of us don't know the difference between an "ordinary watch" from a "luxury timepiece."
Instead, they told us what it looks like and how much we should pay for it... 

You Want a Luxury Watch? Pay $10,000. 

Don't like the price? Too bad.
No one's going to make the watch for you. If you think that's unfair, we agree with you. 

That's why here at Lyl Grant, we want to finally break this monopoly.
And we're in a unique position to do so.

Reverse Engineering
Luxury Watches... 

We partnered with watchmakers who bought luxury watches and "reverse engineered" them.

They now know how they work, the materials needed to build them, and even the elements that were used to make them.

They also identified the unique design patterns, complex workings, and casing that made a watch scream "luxury" from a mile away.

Together, we finally created two watches the bridge the gap between.........

Luxury & Affordability.


The Lyl Grant Timepiece Collection 

Tokyo is known of its discipline, honor, and its achievement of 300 years of technological growth in 20 years.
Meanwhile, Paris is the known as the city of love, passion, and timeless beauty. 

Inspired by these two great cities,
we created two watches that represented our tireless dedication to give you luxury watches at an affordable cost… 
WITHOUT sacrificing the luxurious beauty and understated sophistication luxury watches emanate.  

“Sweeps” instead of “Ticks” 

One of the telltale signs of a luxury watch is its movement.
Low-end watches use an internal oscillator powered by batteries. 

Luxury watches utilize the energy stored in a spring to power the gears inside the watch.
This must be painstakingly created by hand with surgeon-like precision.

Just like what’s inside our Lyl Grant Watches:

All these mechanisms are housed inside a stainless steel back case metal with high-grade scratch resistant glass… 

World-Class Hardlex Mineral Crystal 

You won't have to worry about knocks or scratches. Both watches are protected by a mineral glass called Hardlex Mineral Crystal.

This glass is standard in most luxury watches like SEIKO, PULSAR and LORUS models 

Lastly, on the back, each watch has an exclusive see-through hand-polished case where you’ll clearly see the custom hand-built Lyl Grant Automatic Movement.  

Lyl Grant’s Design Echoes the Cool-Yet-Sophisticated Look of an Entire Generation 

This watch will turn heads… catch attention… and demand respect. But wearing a Lyl Grant Timepiece is more than that.

It’s about GROWTH. You know you’ve accomplished much and it’s time for you to show that without saying one word.

It’s about WISDOM. You know what true luxury looks like. It’s not money or material things. But intangibles like love, respect, and admiration from friends & family.

It’s about LEVELING UP.
Showing everyone you’re ready for the next level --- whether it may be in your career, relationships, or personal development --- and nothing can stop you from achieving it.

Both watches normally cost ₱7,997.
But if you’re one of the few people who buys the first 100 watches, then we’d like to give you an awesome deal. 

You can buy either the Lyl Grant TOKYO or Lyl Grant PARIS for the impossibly low price of just (₱7,997) ₱2,997.

To make this deal even better... 

If you buy today, you’ll also get a

Free Leather Bracelet (worth ₱1,500) 

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Your order comes with a secure & easy 24-hour money back guarantee +
6 months warranty on the movement for FREE! 

 🔥 Remember, Only 100 Watches Available 🔥

We wanted to create the BEST VERSION of these watches.
That’s why there are only 100 Tokyo Watches and 100 Paris Watches available.

The main objective is to give you the best possible watch at a reasonable price
WITHOUT sacrificing quality, beauty, and luxury. 

We felt we’ve accomplished that with the first iteration of these watches.
So if you’ve always wanted to wear a piece of art around your wrists… 

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Your order comes with a secure & easy 24-hour money back guarantee +
6 months warranty on the movement for FREE!